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Glide is here!

With Stupid Skinny Draft East Cape redefining the micro skiff.

Scooter Deck Video Now Available for Lostmen and Fury

New Fury Scooter Deck

Texas, meet Florida. Florida, meet Texas. The Skiff anglers have been asking for.

East Cape Vantage

Vantage is King

Specs, photos, videos, and more

Fury Info

The All-Around Champion

Super skinny to out on the beach, the East Cape Fury blends together attributes from all previous models.

Check out the Caimen

Mighty Might

From super simple to an armada of accesories, an East Cape skiff can be customized to fit your needs.

East Cape Lostmen

East Cape Lostmen

Still undefeated champion in going skinny. Nothing fishes like a Lostmen!

The fastest skiff in the universe!

2014 Vantage VHP

The fastest skiff in existence is also one of the sexiest.

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