What Color?

We can gel-coat your skiff almost any custom color. A lot of our customers go and get their color samples from a home improvement box store. We can also customize your skiff with two-tone options and Awl-Grip.

How does your boat compare to brand XYZ?

Our skiffs are built with the most advanced construction process and materials in the industry. This enables our skiffs to float shallower, run faster, and last longer. We keep our cost lower as well by keeping our overhead low and keeping as many process’s in-house to control the quality and cost. When we list draft and speed numbers they are real world tested numbers unlike every other manufacturer out there.

How fast does it go?

Each skiff is different depending on load, horse power, and customer additions. Each model can have a huge range depending on setup but is equal to, or faster, than the competitions line-up for similar design and purpose skiff. We have ranges from the Gladesmen with a 5 hp that will do 15 m.p.h. all the way to a VHP that will approach 70 m.p.h. fully tournament loaded.

What does an East Cape draft?

As with any skiff, our advertised drafts are real world numbers. Draft depends on load and the skiffs custom set-up. Our skiffs are lighter and draft shallower than any competetors skiff in its class.

Does East Cape work with banks?

Yes! We have several sources inside the industry and work directly with your bank to make the boat purchase experience as simple as possible.

How do I get on to the waiting list?

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What is the lead time?

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What is the difference in your models?

The Gladesmen was the first skiff we built and is really an oversized canoe that was compared to other skiffs in the industry. The Lostmen is simply a Gladesmen widened with a sharp v entry to help it cut down the chop. The Caimen was all new and designed off of a need for a no nonsense fishing package that incorporated the industries first massive spray rail design that enabled it to outperform skiffs way larger is size. The Vantage was based off of the Caimen’s outstanding rough water performance and we just made it bigger and better. The Fury was a culmination of the Lostmen deck layout, the Caimen hull design, and the Vantage’s massive spray rails. There is so much more to each skiff and we invite you to explore the model line up and see for yourself.

How come I do not see your advertisements like other manufacturers?

We were the originator of the grassroots and gorilla marketing in the industry. We have always felt it is better to pass the saving on to our customers. We also will never pay for endorsements from industry “experts” when we have the real experts… our customers.

What makes the Vantage the best open water skiff?

The Vantage was based off of the awesome rough water capabilities of the Caimen. With a perfect blend of entry angles and deadrise at the stern, the Vantage can cruise through conditions that would pummel other skiffs. The industry’s first massive spray rail gives it the driest ride in it’s class hands down that bests most bay boats and does this while still maintaining the ability to pole silently along the flats with ease.

Do you have dealers?

No, East Cape has always sold direct to the customer and by doing so, we have been able to keep our products priced low and the quality high by cutting out the middle man. Because of our process and success we have forced other industry big boys to completely revamp there construction and production methods to keep up.

How have you stayed ahead of the curve in market presence?

We have been way ahead of the curve compared to the rest of the industry when it comes to technology and social media.  We constantly are updating our customers and fans with new information, products, and entertainment, all while other manufacturers are playing catch up.  By not spending huge bucks on advertising and “spokesmen”, by utilizing the most advanced materials and efficient build process, and by doing a lot with a little, we are able to pass the saving directly to the customer.  We have forced our competition to entirely change the way they do business, from how they advertise to the way they release accurate information, from the way their skiffs are designed to their entire build process, we are flattered that they have to copy us to stay alive.  By staying ahead of every manufacturer by delivering the most complete experience we have forced them to change completely.

What makes an East Cape design the best?

Each of the skiffs in our line-up are hands down the best skiff in their class.  Each design has been designed to fish by fisherman to go where others cannot go.  From the ultra shallow and stable Lostmen to the driest and best water skiff in existence the Vantage you can confidently know that each East Cape skiff is the best for the flats.

Are Custom Colors Included?

Yes!  You can have any combo for your deck/ hull and all we need is a color sample.