We like to experiment and push the envelope.

After all, we are very passionate about our work.

~The Crew

Bay Boat

#bayporn from #eastcapeskiffs showing off the backend. Notice the transom setback for the 300hp that was mounted on for the test runs/static float test.
For the record changes have been made in performance , styling, and dimension as we always fine tune things after a running prototype has been made. Getting a design on a computer and going straight to mold will NOT make it perfect. Perfection comes in trial and error and then, only then do you move forward with the product. 3yrs in the making and coming soon

A True Hybrid

#EastCapeSkiffs will show off a true hybrid for the#supfishing #kayakfishing #paddlefishing#yakfishing #sup #canoefishing market!!! What’s did we miss? LOL
We started many yrs ago in paddle-crafts so it only makes sense to build this as this will be paddled, poled, and small power up to 2hp and have true skiff design in a smaller package! Quiet and stable, not to mention true user friendly fishing layout coming all while keep it affordable as we have seen kayaks and SUP’s getting crazy expensive and heavy… The teaser has been shown and more pics coming. #shownottell future mini #skiffporn


#EastCapeSkiffs SWAG coming in all artistic flair! Here’s a little taste of what’s coming from Taylor Valdes and her style is just as unique as the rest….