Cape Guides is a Fly fishing Guide Service was created by Capt. Jeff Iadonisi out of a passion for the fish that swim in his local waters.  Jeff, a cape cod native has always been drawn to the ocean and would like to share some of favorite fishing experiences with you.   North Side of Cape Cod; Cape Cod Bay – Pristine white sand flats that will make you wonder if you are in the Bahamas.

Sight fishing for Striped Bass on the pristine white sand flats of Cape Cod bay has become an obsession for Jeff. Fishing for Striped Bass on the flats is a thrilling and technical experience that will leave you wanting to come back for more. The visual aspect is amazing from the perfect presentation to a cursing striper, watching the gills flare as she inhales the fly, setting the hook and then she races across the flats. One day sight fishing for Striped Bass and you will have an obsession for life. Striped Bass can be pursued on the flats May through October with the Spring and fall being the prime times.

On the South side of the Cape; Vineyard Sound/Nantucket Sound;  Striped Bass, Bluefish, False Albacore, and Bonito can be pursued.  In the spring large migration of Blue fish come into Vineyard Sound. They are an amazingly aggressive and strong fishing fish. Casting topwater sliders or poppers to cursing Blues is a thrilling experience.  In the Fall you can punish your drag, with the fast fish of the North East, False Albacore and Atlantic Bonito.  Hardtails are a thrilling experience that will leave you wondering if you have enough backing.

Novice or Avid angler Jeff can work with you to create a lifetime memory.

 Capt. Jeff Iadonisi

[email protected]


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