Born and raised a 2nd generation Florida native, Capt. Robert has called the space coast home for his whole life. With a father who was an avid fisherman, guide and professional surfer it did not take long for Roberts life to revolve around the water. If he wasn’t in the water he was on it. Surfing, Fishing, Diving, Hunting and exploring the marshes and wetlands is what his childhood and early teens concisted of.

Going into his mid teens Robert gained success as an amateur surfer. By his late teens he was surfing professionally and pursuing a career in the surf industry working with companies such as Oakley and Quicksilver. During this time his love of fishing never dwindled and his free time was spent on the water fulfilling his passion to improve as an angler.

At age 20 his fishing obsession overcame his desire to continue on in the surf industry. A lifetime of taking friends and family fishing fueled a passion to guide others to their “dream catch”. Now nearly nine years later his drive to guide others to a fun filled day on the water is stronger than ever. “It’s hard to beat the excitement and joy shared with others on the water!”

Captain Robert Rohmann

(321) 987 6116

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